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Yoga in Mallorca with Agnes Kruszynska

With a background of Martial Art and Gymnastic, my journey into yoga began with my very first Ashtanga yoga class in Hamburg, Germany and hasn’t stopped yet. Since 2011, I´ve been teaching Vinyasa Yoga in Mallorca. In that time, I've completed several training programmes with, among others, YogaWorks, Jeanne Heileman and Simon Borg Olivier.

Today, I offer private classes as well as teaching at one of Mallorca’s most popular studios, Earth Yoga, and I organize and take part in retreats. I am a Co-founder of The Yoga Hut Binissalem, a little yoga gem in between Mallorca´s mountains and the wine country, and offer there and online continuing education programs for yoga teachers.

I honestly believe that yoga enriches our lives, it creates more presence and focus, strengthens and softens our bodies, and gives us a new understanding of our human nature, and the connection between us all and the world we live in.

The path of yoga which leads to true peace requires courage to take the steps- I would love to walk by your side on this journey.

​ My classes are in English, Spanish or in German.

Agnes Kru Yoga transform with yoga

"I think it’s one of the teachers that has given me the most personal posture and alignment corrections.

Agnes is, as a yoga teacher; a very strong and sweet glowing appearance at the same time and this is exactly how I feel after her class, my body feels strong and my mind has softened."

Cynthia Mortier

"In the last 3 years, I have trained

from a total novice, to doing two triathlons and two cycling sportives and the combination of the yoga with training has been invaluable, Agnes has incorporated specific stretches to help me in the classes and I really have not suffered from any muscle stiffness or damage. I could not recommend Agnes more highly she is a truly inspiring teacher, namaste."


Beccy Spier



Agnes Kru Yoga teaching adjustments for yoga teachers

Yoga is for everyone - anyone can practice! Regardless of your age or physical condition. But to experience the benefits of the practice to the fullest takes openness, a sincere desire to grow and plenty of dedication.

I’m happy sharing my knowledge and passion with everyone from children to seniors, beginners and advanced yogis. I have taught yoga as part of psychosomatic therapies, in medical seminars, with musicians and to professional cyclists and triathletes. there’s such a big range of people who can benefit from the practice of yoga!

Whoever you are, if you’re excited by the idea of growing physically, mentally and spiritually through yoga, I would love to be your guide.

I can promise you some challenges, plenty of laughter and, above all, a journey to a place of peace and delicious stillness.


join my public classes in Mallorca




Portals Nous @ Earth Yoga

09.30 - 11.00  Vinyasa Yoga Level 2/3




Alaro in collaboration with Natural Fitness Mallorca

10.00 - 11.00 Fusion class: Yoga meets Fitness

Agnes Kru Yoga teaching Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

"Agnes has a beautiful calmness about her when she is teaching. 

Her classes are a challenging vinyasa type flow but her main focus is always breath awareness and this really allows you time to find steadiness and a quiet inner strength in a posture which is so important for me. 

She also brings in different pranayama techniques and a short meditation into the practice and I always feel complete after one of her classes!"

Petra von Goetz

"My teacher Agnes is warm, welcoming, inspiring, encouraging.

She is also witty. We love her encouraging words and her

laughter.....not laughing at her students but laughing with us.

Thank you, Agnes, for what you have taught me and more especially, how you have encouraged me and continue to do so. Even when body parts have been poorly and not up to much, you didn't let me slip off the wagon. How lucky am I to be in your class.

Rachel Bryan


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