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online course adjustments for yoga teachers

Adjustments for yoga teachers

The Art of Touch

Effective adjustment coaching for yoga teachers

Change your classes forever in just 7 days



              Now, more than ever before, how you teach is how you stand out from the crowd and how you adjust is

              fundamental to how you teach.

              New rules and protocols about contact and maintaining distance in classes are set to be in place for a while.

              So how you adjust your students makes an even bigger difference.

              Whether you’ve just finished your teacher training or you’re an experienced teacher looking to enhance what

              you offer and add even more value, raising your adjustment game could make all the difference.

              Why? Because being a successful, popular, and fulfilled teacher is all about understanding where your

              students are on their yoga journey and connecting with them in the best possible way.

  • How do you learn how to connect in the most appropriate way? 

  • How do you overcome any doubts you might have about adjustments? 

  • How do you learn to read the differences in your students’ bodies?

  • How do you know your students love your adjustments?​

You find about more about my groundbreaking Art of Touch: Adjustments for Yoga Teachers online course.

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Start today with "Art of Touch"-

the effective adjustment coaching

for yoga teachers

Adjustments are one of the most powerful and practice-changing tools you have in your classes.
But you need to know how to
use them correctly.

Hands-on adjustment techniques for numerous asanas (standing positions, seated positions, backbends, inverted positions)

Ways of adjusting each student in the way that benefits them best

How to adjust according to your class theme

The power of adjusting with confidence

My "Art of Touch: Adjustments for Yoga Teachers" online course
will introduce you to:

How to work with students who prefer not to be physically adjusted

You will receive Yoga Alliance continuing education points

Adjustments for yoga teachers after pandemic

Get started now

Take your teaching to a new level with

"The Art of Touch- Adjustments for yoga teachers"

In the comfort of your home, at your own pace, in just seven days- or longer if you prefer – you’ll learn the real power of adjustment.

  • 25 videos of 25 asanas and their variations

  • 40 Lessons (Theory) 

  • A downloadable, printable asana guide to make your own notes

  • Assignments to help you grow in knowledge and confidence

  • Direct access to me.

Adjustments for yoga teachers

The effective adjustment coaching for yoga teachers

149 €


About me

I’m a yoga teacher based in Mallorca, Spain. I’ve been teaching Vinyasa Yoga here full-time since 2011. 

My first teacher training was with YogaWorks and my personal practice is based on Ashtanga. These have profoundly influenced how I teach and adjust: a powerful combination that challenges and inspires but is always grounded in alignment for safety.  

Today, I offer private classes as well as teaching at one of Mallorca’s most popular studios. I also organize popular retreats.

I’ve learned that to be the best teacher you can be, every student has to feel that you are there for them. You won’t achieve this simply by being knowledgeable. It takes empathy.

When you connect with your students and can support them on their path, you’re truly able to communicate the benefits of yoga: presence, focus, strength, flexibility and a new, exciting understanding of our place in the universe.

Adjustments are a fundamental part of helping your students receive all the gifts yoga has to offer. 


  • Do I need any particular apps or technology to do the course?

       No app is needed. The course is online, so you need an internet connection. You can             take the course on any advice- mobile, laptop etc.

  • What teaching methods do you use?

       You learn from a mix of videos, downloadable handouts, theory and assignments.

  • Can I do the course in my own time?

       Of course. I suggest seven days because, in my experience, committing to this                      amount of time guarantees you finish the course and will start enjoying the

        benefits right away. However you choose to learn, you have access to the entire

        course the minute you purchase and you set your own pace.

  • How many Yoga Alliance continuing education points will I gain?

       This depends on how much time you invest in this course and on how long you                      need for the homework. It will be between 3 CE and 15 CE. Keep in mind that until                the end of 2023 Yoga Alliance permits to use CE points from online courses towards            contact- hours.

  • If I complete the course but want to do it again, do I have to buy it again?


       No. It’s yours for life.


Your guarantee

If you didn't receive what you expected:

receive your money back if you claim it back within 24 hours after your purchase

Hands on assists for Yoga Teachers

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The effective adjustment coaching for yoga teachers: " The Art of Touch"

“I’m looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned about the Art of Touch with you. It’s a privilege for which I’m really grateful.”


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