online course adjustments for yoga teachers

Adjustments for yoga teachers

The Art of Touch

Effective adjustment coaching for yoga teachers

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              Now, more than ever before, how you teach is how you stand out from the crowd and how you adjust is

              fundamental to how you teach.

              New rules and protocols about contact and maintaining distance in classes are set to be in place for a while.

              So how you adjust your students makes an even bigger difference.

              Whether you’ve just finished your teacher training or you’re an experienced teacher looking to enhance what

              you offer and add even more value, raising your adjustment game could make all the difference.

              Why? Because being a successful, popular, and fulfilled teacher is all about understanding where your

              students are on their yoga journey and connecting with them in the best possible way.

  • How do you learn how to connect in the most appropriate way? 

  • How do you overcome any doubts you might have about adjustments? 

  • How do you learn to read the differences in your students’ bodies?

  • How do you know your students love your adjustments?​

You find about more about my groundbreaking Art of Touch: Adjustments for Yoga Teachers online course.

Adjustments are one of the most powerful and practice-changing tools you have in your classes. But you need to know how to use them correctly.