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Welcome to my Podcast for Yoga Teachers

 "AirTime with Agnes Kru Yoga" is dedicated to straight talk about yoga and the work we so love.

If you are a Yoga Teacher who wants to learn how to offer your students more, have a better teaching life, go deeper into yoga and make an impact: "AirTime with Agnes Kru Yoga" is for you.

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Trends in Yoga and looking into the future

David Holzer is a professional writer. I first met him when he became a student of mine here in Mallorca. Since then David has become a dedicated yogi who has written about yoga for Om magazine, Yoga International and LA Yoga.


Yoga, Politics and parenting

In today's yoga world where the words 'authentic' and 'rebel' are tossed around constantly, Stewart Gilchrist is the real thing. Prepare yourself for a thought-provoking conversation about yoga, politics, punk, parenting and ...of course adjustments.

stewart gilchrist
find your voice for yoga teachers


Finding your voice

Singer Sheela Gathright, a native New Yorker born and raised in the South Bronx, shares her insights on how to find and use your voice. The voice is a powerful tool we have to guide our yoga students."Finding your voice" as a yoga teacher can be very liberating..and fun! It can change so much the way your yoga students perceive you. 


Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers

Amrita Ma Devi is a highly dedicated and deeply knowledgeable Ayurveda Therapist and lives her profound knowledge and understanding of Ayurveda with every pore of her body and fibre of her being. Join our conversation about how to apply the wisdom of Ayurveda to our personal life and work as yoga teachers.

ayurveda for yoga teachers
marketing for yoga teachers


Marketing Mindset for Yoga Teachers

Chloe Morris is a marketing mentor and the founder of Pink Flamingo Marketing.

She teaches people like us to market ourselves naturally, to understand how marketing works and, above all, how we can make marketing fun.

Her mantra is ‘Marketing’s your friend’ and her mission is to help us to ‘Be the flamingo in a flock of pigeons’.


What is Yoga without Sanskrit?

My guest for today's conversation is Hari-kirtana das – yoga teacher, spiritual mentor and the author of 'In Search of the Highest Truth: Adventures in Yoga Philosophy.'

This is an interesting and fun conversation for every yoga teacher!

sanskrit for yoga teachers
setting goals


Setting goals for 2022

"New Years Resolutions vs. Sankalpa vs. Subconscious Reprogramming",in conversation with "The Mind Tuner" Ainhoa Salgueiro. 

As anyone who has ever set a resolution of any kind knows, it’s one thing to want to move forward but another thing to actually do it. I’m hoping we can give my listeners a nice toolbox to help them achieve their goals in 2022.


Functional Yoga

Stefanie Castson is a physiotherapist, yoga teacher, founder of "MyStrengthAbility" and passionate about preventative health through motion.

We will talk about: Functional Yoga, how to teach a balance between strength and flexibility, the role of Anatomy in Yogasana and misconceptions of Anatomy in Yoga.

functional yoga
how to be a successfull yoga teacher


Failure and Innovation

The founder of yoga powerhouse Yama Talent, Ava Taylor, works with brands like Manduka, Alo, Gaya, Yoga Works, the Jivamukti yoga centre in NY etc.

Ava holds a degree in economics and intercultural communication along with a distinguished resume in high-level management and growth expansion.

She co-produced the annual Yoga Garden at The White House as well as the world’s two largest yoga classes.


Dive to Save the Mediterranean

This is an inspiring story of Brad Robertson, co-founder of the "Save the Med" Foundation. Originally from Australia, we can be so lucky that he decided to start to save the world here on our paradise island Mallorca. We, yoga teachers, seem to have it in our DNA to want to do good, but how can we make sure that we really change something? How can we make sure money arrives where it should? How do you manage volunteers? Those and many more questions will be answered.

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