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the transformer.

The 8-week online program that will power your new life teaching private yoga classes.

'the transformer' will change your life profoundly, deeply and forever and attract students to you like never before.

Dare to change your ideas of what it is to be a yoga teacher.
Connect with your students, ignite their love of yoga and transform their lives.



Teaching Yoga your unique way


A healthy, regular income you can count on

Being totally in control of your time

Bursting with confidence in your ability to teach

Students filled with gratitude for having you in their lives

A waiting list of students keen to learn with you


An in-demand teacher of well-paying private classes


Picture yourself

Standing in your own power

Making a comfortable living doing what you love

Having a clear direction as a teacher

Making an impact, and appreciated

Becoming fulfilled as you create transforming experiences for your students

I know you can do it. Why? Because I have. Now:

I am looking for 10 yoga teachers, either new to teaching or experienced teachers who want to raise their game and learn with me.

You will discover how to power your new life specializing in teaching private classes.

You will feel confident in your own competence.

You will find new students during the program while 'the transformer' is transforming you.

You will give me your feedback and a testimonial once you’ve completed 'the transformer' in exchange for a once in a lifetime massive reduction in the cost of the course.

Once in a lifetime discount

The first 10 students who sign up for 'the transformer' will receive an amazing discount that I will never offer again.

No more...

...copying and teaching what others do.

...packing your schedules with classes to the point           where you're exhausted and not giving your best.

...feeling like your best efforts are not appreciated.

...doubting if you and your skills are enough.

...trying constantly to fill your classes.

How 'the transformer' drives your

transformation as a teacher

'the transformer' is not just an online course. It’s an exclusive 8- week coaching program adjusted to your persona. 


'the transformer' is designed so you have the freedom of an online course and the support of an in-person training. You work at your own speed with weekly group coaching calls from me and a private online support group for students, so you have support and exchange at all times.


'the transformer': you’ll build your business your way with my assistance.


'the transformer' is no-risk. Your investment in the course will begin to be repaid when your first private student invites you to teach them.

the transformer' is unique: you will not find another course that purely and simply transforms you into a confident, dynamic and successful teacher of private yoga classes with such personalised support.


'the transformer' will make you know yourself better and be able to teach "out of the yoga box" in a highly professional way.


'the transformer' deepens the connections with your students as you create genuine, authentic and beneficial experiences.


If you wish to transform your teaching life, guide your students in an exceptionally professional way, and have a consistent, steady income you can count on-  'the transformer' is the place for you.


The 8-week online program that will power your new life teaching private yoga classes.
sign in until the 16th of July
How 'the transformer' works
  • We start on September 3rd

  • Each module takes a week

  • We do each module one week at a time

  • We have a group call on Zoom once a week – you can watch these later in the private online group

  • I will ask you to complete assignments

  • You receive a certificate when you complete the course and assignments

  • 'the transformer' is worth min. 35 - 70 Yoga Alliance Continuing Education points, depending on how much time you invest.

Course curriculum

'the transformer' week by week

Week 1 -  Preparation and Introduction

Week 2 -  Teaching highly personalised classes- what do you need?

Week 3 -  Finding students

Week 4 -  Preparing your first class

Week 5 -  Keeping students loyal

Week 6  Defining the value of a class

Week 7 -  Integrating your teaching into their lives

Week 8  Online private classes

10 great ways 'the transformer' delivers:

  1. Step-by-step support on becoming a private teacher

  2. Guidance from an experienced teacher – me!

  3. Peer support from your fellow transformers – maximum of 10 people

  4. Finding your unique teaching advantage (UTA)

  5. Confidence, competence and respect

  6. The opportunity of a stable income

  7. A fulfilling career packed with transformational experiences

  8. New students who appreciate you and are willing to pay your price

  9. You teach in a way other teachers never even dream of

  10. A way to connect with loyal students who are open to your other offers like retreats or workshops

Once in a lifetime amazingly low price 

...for just 10 yoga teachers who book before July 16

In exchange for your feedback and a testimonial at the end of the course, I’m offering 'the transformer' for the one-time-only price of just  € 750 ( ~ 50 % of the real cost).


  • Can I start the course as soon as I have purchased it?

No, it’s a group program with my personal and live support. We all start together on Sept 3. A new module opens every week, giving you enough time to really absorb the teaching in each one.

  •  How long do I have access to the material after the course finishes?

After the course finishes on October 28, you have access until the 31st of Dec.

  • What do I need to do the course?

A stable internet connection, access to Zoom, something to take notes on, honesty, openness and the courage to dive into your future.

  • How many continuing education points will Yoga Alliance award?

35 - 70 CE, depending on your level of input into the course. They count as contact hours due to special regulations with Yoga Alliance until the end of 2023.

Your guarantee

If the course is not what you expected it to be, you can ask for a full refund within the first 3 days after starting

(until September 6 at 12am CET). 


With the experience of over a decade of teaching full-time, I've created my one methodology for teaching highly personalised Yoga Classes.

'the transformer' is offered to people who really want to change their lives and those of their students by becoming exceptional private yoga teachers.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course ("Adjustments for Yoga Teachers") with Agnes. Lots of valuable information that will help me in my yoga career. I feel much more confident. She is very responsive to emails. She is willing to help in any way if you need clarification. I recommend her course and I am looking for more of her courses."

Do you want to be on the waiting list for 2023?

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